Shane Dawson is a comdeian youtuber he makes funny youtube videos but some of his youtube videos can be little werid at times but they mostly to be funny for viewers to watch on youtube.He sometimes play a character name Shanayna in his youtube videos.In his youtube videos he dresses up as different characters, like girls, and guys characters.Shane Dawson getting very popular on youtube like many other youtubers that are very famous include Stevie Ryan,Chris Crocker,Fred,Kelly that sings shoes,Matthew Lush aka GayGod.
Shane Dawson is a funny guy that makes silly and odd at time youtube videos but many kids and teens enjoy watching his youtube videos any way.
by coolgirl123 December 05, 2009
Shane Dawson is an awesome and hilarious Youtube and Blog Tv celebrity. He is known for his impersonations and made up character 'Shananay'. His best friend is Kate, who is also awesome and usually goes live with him. Shane is an ispiring actor. He makes amazing videos that can make you laugh, cry, or just simply relate. He has worked with Swiftkaratechop and Dfizzy.
" Did you watch Shane Dawson's 'Turn Offs' video? It was awesome!"
by That other person over there. February 11, 2009
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