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The best thing on YouTube.
Person 1: OMGLMNOP did you see Shane Dawson's new video?
Persopn 2: It was even better than his last one! Is that even possible?
by sophieSDTV June 12, 2011
20 35
Possibly the best youtuber in all history. He's very open about his thoughts, life, etc. This does NOT make him gay. He's extremely hilarious and makes any hard days better.
Maddy: Did you see the new Shane Dawson video on youtube?
Alina: Yeah! He's so funny!
Maddy: I love shane dawson!
by Madzyrox June 11, 2011
15 30
A very awesome Youtuber. Funny and down to earth and REAL. Who owns 3 dogs and 2 cats. Has an awesome family and supportive friends. An all around good guy *smiles*
Who is Shane Dawson? He is EPIC
by She_loves_Pears June 11, 2011
14 30
A famous Youtube star. Who is also very sexy. He has multiple characters. Such as Shananay, a ghetto whore, S-Deezy, a ghetto whore, and Ned, a nerd. All together, his videos are hilarious and witty.
Karen- "Hey, did you see shane dawsons new video?"

Angela- "YEAH! he looked great!"
by Kell. June 11, 2011
9 25
Shane dawson,
He is a youtube sensation, he has 3 channels, all packed with funny and exiting videos!

He's like marmite, you either love him or hate him.
Shane, acts diffrent charecters. Which is diffrent.
He is a great actor.
Life isn't bright without dawson!!
If you don't like him? Then why spend time slating him? Your probs a secret lover of him!

Check out the douchebag spoof, download it share it around!

Shane, I think your great. You make me laugh! You deserve a career in acting!... You should deffo make a top saying did you fall for a douchebag baby? . I would buy it :D .

Iloveyouuuuu :). Your an idol :). My idol! :)
Shane dawson..
by emksii June 13, 2011
15 32
All the people writing evil things about Shane you are wasting your time, i mean as if he is going to listen. We all love him for what he does! All you haters out there shouldn't be wasting your time writing on his video's or his facebook about how much you hate him. If you don't like him all you have to do is ignore it and just get on with your life..
Shane Dawson you are my hero, in fact i think your allot of peoples heroes thank you, and keep doing what your doing and STAMP THEM HATERS OUT!:)
by yousmile1416 June 12, 2011
13 30
A cross between Fred, Smosh,Howard Stern, and Clay Aitken. 3rd most subscribed guy on YouTube. Also goes by Shanaynay, Ned the Nerd, Aunt Hilda, and more.
Did you watch Shane Dawson today?
by Straight-Edge Savior September 07, 2010
211 507