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A phrase localised to central Scotland, mainly Stirlingshire. Also used south of the border to describe someone who furiously masterbates in public.
"that guy is a total Shand", "what a shando", "Will Shand is a fucking homo"
by Sorcha Polly March 27, 2007
(shahn-doh) n. a word that gay people and their affiliates, particularly the ones who were raised Christian or grew up in "the Church", used to describe their "spirit". Shando is usually the first word that Pentecostal/Baptist/COGIC people say before they start speaking in tongues and dancing/running all over the church. Gay people emulate this phenomenon when something brings them to utter excitement that is beyond words, for instance, the new episode of RuPaul Drag Race, a hot guy, or a new Beyonce song.
Ooh girl, that new dress is sickening. My shando is feeling this. Yes, Ma'am! WERQ!

Oh hell no! I know Chris didn't come to the wedding with that tired ass ho from the strip club. Lord, my shando is not pleased. Y'all better pray!
by fatblackdude February 20, 2013
A male who is good-looking and extremely intelligent. An amazingly beautiful, intelligent, talented but silent person.
I wish I could be a shando like him", "That shando looks cute does'nt he!, "He's one in a billion!, He's shando."
by Lauren D'costa December 17, 2010

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