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A toilet seat handle (Shandle = seat handle) that has built-in antimicrobial protection against germs and bacteria so you never have to touch the dirty toilet seat again. It's offered in many fun and colorful designs. There's a Shandle for everyone! Find yours at
I love my Shandle.
by Heavyd777 November 28, 2008
An unfashionable wearer of both socks AND sandles at the same time can be defined as being a shandle.
A spotter of such crime can also be refered to as a shandleir.
Tourists in European countries in high summer. Usually male, may also be wearing a bumbag, god forbid! For some unknown reason will be walking around in swealtering heat wearing (commonly white) a pair of socks and a pair of sandles. Socks + Sandles = Shandles
by leehamilton51 March 30, 2006
n. a fart

v. to fart
n. That was a nasty shandle!
Is that a shandle I smell?

v. I have to shandle.
She shandled.
Did you shandle?
by Lainie August 09, 2005
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