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Tampons made from a Sham Wow.
Instead of buying a box of tampons, my girlfriend reused some shampons.
by moss1972 May 29, 2009
A feminine hygiene product made of a Sham-Wow, similar to a tampon. Lasts all week and is re-usable. Turns red when done.

Slogan: (To the theme of Land of the Lost)

Never Buy a Tampon Again!
Mother: Your grandmother asked me to give this to you when she passed away

Daughter: A Shampon! Thanks, I'll never have to buy a tampon again!
by McSchlops August 31, 2009
A tampon made of the wonderful shamwow menstration sucker uper
Betsy almost got blood everywhere. Atleast she remembered her shampon!
by Aphish December 18, 2009