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6 definitions by moss1972

Tampons made from a Sham Wow.
Instead of buying a box of tampons, my girlfriend reused some shampons.
by moss1972 May 29, 2009
A shit that looks like soft serve ice cream that is so large in volume that it actually sticks up out of the toilet water forming a volcanic like peak.
My stomach hurt so bad from eating those burritos, I sat down on the toliet and made a volcanic soft serve.
by moss1972 May 23, 2009
Something that is ridiculous and unjustified.
My boss just asked me to do the most ridictafied thing ever.
by moss1972 April 10, 2010
Giving a women a kick in her uterus because she is being an asshole.
My co-worker was so annoying that I threatened to give her a booterus.
by moss1972 February 29, 2012
A vagina that drips man juice for days after being ejaculated in during intercourse.
My friends husband was complaining that his wifes cum dumpster was still leaking for four days after sex.
by moss1972 May 18, 2010
A person you meet and think they are an asshole, but after awhile they start to grow on you.
That guy over there is the moss man!
by moss1972 April 10, 2010