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A sweet, caring, and serene girl with chocolate eyes and a gorgeous tan. She is the best friend to have around. She's always loyal, knows how to cheer you up when you need it the most and the type of person you can trust deep, dark secrets with.

Once you have a friend like her, don't ever let her go because she is a once in a lifetime person. She gives very good unbiased advice and can mend relationships. Everyone should have a Shamima.
Girl 1: I'm having problems at home and with my boyfriend, what should I do?
Girl 2: Let's ask Shamima, she'll know what to do.
by Sunset Rose March 20, 2013
Charitable, easily reduced to hysteria, squeaky brown girl with a penchant for monster munch. Normally found in Birmingham but known to occasionally stray as far south as Battersea.
After a long day in the Unicef office, Shamima could not wait to tuck into 50 packets of pickled onion monster munch.
by chocy bear February 03, 2010
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