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Arabic name meaning a sweet fragrant breeze; perfume. Her kindness reaches many; Is always giving and understanding of others; A healer of hearts; A cute, sweet girl, full of joy, She makes other happy with little things she does; Is very feminine in personality and speech; Knowledgeable in the handling of the heart; Her aggressiveness will carry her far in life. May God keep you in perfect peace!
"I walked through a Heavenly garden full of beautiful flowers and it smelled like sweet Shamim."
by kikimoya February 06, 2010
A true and real fragrance.
when i went in her bedroom it was smelling shamim there
by Sandy786 October 06, 2005
When a carefully articulated and well thought out stoner plan goes smoothly
You spend ages working out a plan, say to skive off work, and when it all goes smoothly,but unexpectidly, you exclaim SHAMIM!
by sweetrock July 06, 2006
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