a person who has a vag like the grand canyon and fucks a lot of people.
That hoe right there is a total shamber.
by The Cha-Cha August 07, 2008
Top Definition
A chamber of shame where you go to do things that are not particularly bad, but you feel embarrassed to do in say, your living room.
Coined by 710 KIRO's Luke Burbank on his show "Too Beautiful to Live".
"Dude, after I got my electric massage chair from Brookstone, I had to put it into my shamber because my friends would think that I was a total douchebag."
by Luke in FL. September 26, 2008
an itellectual girl, who is outgoing, random, and beautiful
Did you see Shamber at the mall?
by When the Tears Fal December 27, 2009
did you just make a shamber in the toilet?
by RachelJonasz August 08, 2008
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