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1.)Fake jewlery 2.)the name of a great up and coming band based out of Hawaii a which plays fake plastic wind insterments that were purchased for $2.70 at a toy store and has absolutly no talent whatsoever! 3.) An adjective which can be used as a psudo-cuss word with no real deffinition but sounds bad if used correctly.
"What the Shambangles man?!" "This weed isnt real"!
by Dana Tabes September 28, 2005
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Taken from the word sham, which means fake, and bangle which means anklet or bracelet. Combine the two to get the slang of Shambangle which means fake jewlery.
You bought a bracelet that you thought was real gold and its not, you now own a shambangle.
by Luke McClure August 22, 2005

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