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A dirty un-showered hippy vagina at Shambhala Music Festival that is being banged by a "shiny" set of festicles.
how you doing?
"good, hey thats some shiny junk you got there"

thanks, whens the last time you showered?
"not since I left for sham"
by Reese-sticks September 27, 2012
Quite like asdfghjkl; and qwertyuiop shambammabush is a word to describe feigned shock and/or "heavy" emotion.

Also can be used in place of the overused words stuff/shit.
Shambammabush! Julianne is pregnant!

You'll do fine in school as long as you do your homework and classwork and all that shambammabush
by Derp Derp Derpmir August 21, 2012