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1)A place where mysterious things happen and obscure substances are being smoked.

2)A state of mind
-That dude is really wasted
-Jup, he is coming from Shambala
-Oh, okay.

-I am reaching Nirvana and I am starting to understand the essence of Shambala.
by Osmo2 March 02, 2005
a kick-ass song by three dog night!
"Ooooooooohhh ooooooohh yeah!
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

i'm on the road to shambala!"
by Daisy McJuniper June 22, 2005
Danger, shambala causes exposure to harm or risk. Shambala is a source of risk or in some cases peril and should be avoided at all costs. Some like to face the Shambala. When drowning in the banality of everyday life, Shambala is a pursuit of thrill
'Run!! SHAMBALA!!!!!!!'
by cleanteen May 10, 2012
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