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A Girl, Pretty and blonde, with probably the best personality you ever met. Often fairly small. Very hard to come by, but when you meet her you'll wonder where shes been all your life. Shes very much unusual with hilarious humour and never afraid to tell you how it is. She doesnt care much for what people think of her, a quality often hard to find. When your around her everything seems brighter, she'll stay up for hours to talk to you even whens shes feeling down she wont ever forget about you. When faced with separation beware, its hard to leave this girl without remembering her everywhere you look. She has an unusual way of loving, she likes to joke around, but once shes truly found, you'll see love has never come so loud.
Wow, I've never met anyone like her"
"Yeah, Thats a real Shalyn"
by IGetItIn November 30, 2009
Girls name. Often times has a hott bod and an awesome sense of humor, great personality, and is a great friend. But not afraid to lay you out if you mess with her.
Shalyn is a hott mumma-cita.
by igotitfrommymomma March 18, 2009

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