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Actually, it's spelled "shillelagh". It's Irish for a walking cane (that can be conveniently used as a club or cudgel). Usually ornamentally carved. Common in Ireland but purchased by tourists for decoration/art.

Aye, dekko that culchie's shillelagh. Matches the tackies!

That knick-knack shop has outdated t-shirts and overpriced, hand-carved shillelaghs.
by Catsperd October 17, 2010
A comical word for penis, as used by John Leguizamo, with an irish accent, in his 1 man theatrical performance.
Is my shalaylee hangin out?
by Jay Malik May 04, 2007
Naval term - a piece of sun-dried salt-encrusted canvas fire hose that has been cut to a managable length and is used to flog wogs with on wog day.
DAMMIT JIM, did you see the ass-whooping that wog got with that shalaylee? MAN that had to hurt like a motherfucker.
by mechanic58 May 18, 2008
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