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someone who never stops smiling even when he's being stabbed he also very big fellow who likes french people not sure why he also likes to eat toast when in free time he also likes to talk about sex often and is friends with the horny kyle
Guy 1: ah man he so dirty

Guy 2: yep he's a Shahibur
by hey hoo July 11, 2011
Shahibur is a smelly man who likes to play with his dolls in the back garden, and occasionally feeds them because he is very very stupid like goldfish thats been stuck in a mining helmet. For dinner a Shahibur likes to eat Zebra whilst playing with his calculator.
Guy 1: "Is that Cartman from South Park?"

Guy 2: "No, thats a Shahibur, a strange mythical creature."
by Star Bug July 11, 2011

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