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When someone wears pajama-pants at any location other than their home, especially when that place isn't Walmart, and shows no realization of how inappropriately under-dressed they are.

While bedhead is not required for one to be shaheening, unkempt hair is a common accessory for the shaneening individual; as is an overall lack of shame.
Fella #1: Dude, he looks like he literally just got out of bed, pissed, shook once tops, and came to class.

Fella #2:Maybe those are scrubs.

Fella #1:They're fleece and have Angry Birds on them.

Fella #2:Word. He's shaheening, hard.

Fella #1:Wait, did he really just march in with five minutes left, walk straight to the front of the room mid-lecture, and sign the roll?

Fella #2: Totes.

Fella #1: No shame.
by RADa5AURU5 December 18, 2011
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