3 definitions by Nabeel

1. A large metal container in which garbage is disposed.

2. A slang term for an ugly woman who dresses provocatively to desperately attract men.
" That girl's not pretty, she's a dumpster!"
by Nabeel February 08, 2004
A king, sovereign, prince. The title of the supreme ruler in certain Eastern countries.
Jordan was the Shah of the land.
by Nabeel January 24, 2004
AManInJapan: dude
AManInJapan: we should put pimpsexual on URBANDICKSHANARYDOTCOM
Nabz315: hahahaha
Nabz315: noice
Nabz315: ok whats the defintion?
AManInJapan: how do you define something so pimpsexual as pimpsexual?
AManInJapan: pimpsexual is the most pimpsexual word you've ever come up with
AManInJapan: i dont know how else to describe it
by Nabeel November 29, 2004

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