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A VW Bus Van that you have sex in. In the back of it there is room to take out seats and put in a bed so you can get it on. Micheal Kelso has one in that 70's Show.
guy1, Dude last night i got two girls in the shagin' wagon.
Guy2, oh what'd you do?
Guy1, ...Duh we had sex.
by Hopeian June 14, 2006
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An old Volks Wagon bus. It's basicaly shaped like a small bus, there is much space in the back that you could lay down a matress and get it on... On that 70's show Micheal Kelso has one.
Dude1: "So you dude you get some in the Shagin' wagon last night?"
Dude2: "Hell yeah"
by Hopeian June 01, 2006
a shagin wagon is a van type in the late 70's that guys buy to have sex on the go and to smoke weed.Also the van that the scooby doo people drive.
fred:"hey is my shagin wagon here?"
by candyman420 March 02, 2012

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