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To sike or kidd, via play with someone.
A slang word for siking someone.
"Yo nigga im bout to bagg that girl"
"SHAGGS!!! she way above your level"

"Kadeem get dumb fresh"
"Shags, that nigga a bum"

"I just took a shit , shags"
"you dirty:
by Homedigitz September 27, 2009
Like saying "yea right" or "sike" or "gas" or deadin or playin sum1
Me: yo ma niqqah I just cut ma hair
You: deadass
Me: shaggs
Yo son ju lookin dumm fresh...shaggs
Me: yooo ju noe ju want me
You: shaggs
by Beekii March 16, 2009
means yeah right! to lie or not the truth, to exaggerate the truth.
i got mad paper sonz! " shagg"
by gunnz81 December 06, 2008
another nick name for shaggy 2 dope of the insane clown posse.
Violent J: what up Shaggs?
Shaggs: not much J
by LRich October 02, 2006