Making love. Can be chained with animals to say you are an animal fucker.
I am shagging my girlfriend doggy style = I am making love/having sex with my girlfriend doggy style.
by Ryan K December 22, 2003
Another word for fucking (sex)
but in england you say shagging
Jonny: Why did't you come ice skating last night?

Mike: I couldent because i was to busy shagging Amy.

Jonny: Everyone wants to shag her, She is the hottest girl ever!

(Mike rings on a phone) Mike: Jordan, wonna game of footy?

Jordan: No to busy shagging Lauren

Mike: OMG Your shagging the hottest women ever!
by Akmedscri July 24, 2010
As Kids in Toronto in Winter we would sneak up to a stopped car and grab on to the bumper. Then get towed along the icey street till we fell off or the car stopped again. It was great fun and our name for it was Shagging.

I know what it means in Britain, I've been living here the past 10 years!
It's snowing, lets go shagging!
by Gary September 24, 2004
When a man drives his errect penis into a womens vagina.
Darren- "Whats the matter?"

Jerry- " I saw my sister shagging my grandfather behind the couch last nite after i had been shagging my sister!"
by Joe Nazmdeh January 02, 2006
shagging - to shag - to have sex inconspicuously, wearing sunglasses or having long hair to cover the eyes.
(1) Everyone was shagging at Woodstock because it was the groovy thing to do.
by Jesse Washington May 13, 2008
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