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To run fast.
The cops showed up so I had to shag ass.
by Jeremy March 22, 2004
v. to flee from an area, typically to evade trouble
Example 1
Guy 1: "Yo man, you got the goods?"
Guy 2: Hell yeah, give me just on sec my man."
*police siren*
Guy 1: "Oh shit! It's the fuzz! Lets shag ass!"

Example 2
Guy 1: "Dayyyummm! Look at that fine bitch comin'this way."
Guy 2: Nigga, dats my ex! The one I was tellin' you bout who won't stop callin' my house. Lets shag ass!"
by Purple Turkoglu Also April 18, 2013
A girl who openly flirts with men and has a very active sexual life.
Dude 1 : Yo, I have a girlfriend
Dude 2 : Who is she?
Dude 1 : Ciara
Dude 2 : Yo man, I heard that girl is a real shag' ass
by DirtyMome December 26, 2010
to walk very slowly so that your ass jiggles with every step
Fred and Sally like to shagass when they are shopping
by Kelly Madden February 01, 2008
the act of shaging someone's ass
If you shag ass her, then shed be waddling for days.
by Theribus September 23, 2005
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