shafter licks donky balls and cant beet us in football either. those monkey lookin mother fu**ers. You aint got nuttin on WASCO.
shafters ho's can start their own Seaworld
by Ian Glowczewski February 23, 2005
Top Definition
One really fucked up town with lot's of whores and webber's and one nazi that live by tila the whore.
nazi and whore town
by Bob November 12, 2003
Amalgamation of the words "see you after", alternatine to "goodbye"

Commonly used in Glasgow.
Jonny: "I need to go the now"
Matt: "Shafters mate"
by GlasgaeFTW May 16, 2009
a Colloquial term used in the Waterford region of Ireland, which means that "I will see you after" or "catch up with you later"
Slob1:- Well Bai Sh'After
Slob2:- Alrite Bud Sl'Ater
by BennyBoy69 September 08, 2006
The worst city in America. If you're not Mennonite, you're working in the fields.
Girl: Have you ever heard of a city called shafter?
Boy:No, it sounds terrible though.
by ihateshafter February 05, 2010
a jerk of a guy who cares more about his popularity than his real friends. He
will be friends with anyone as long as no one popular is around. Mostly seen in suburban High Schools.
An example would be a very tall, very hairy and very shaftlike guy, Matt Lane
by Boo Boo September 27, 2004
(abbr.)See you after

Particularly prevalent among skangers in the North Dublin area.
You going now Jonno? Ah ree, Shafter!
by Furious George March 28, 2004
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