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1.) A mathematical term referring to quality of being as close to perfection as one can possibly get.

2.) The limit as the level of perfection approaches infinity. Usually used in conjunction with musical appreciation.

3.) Undeniable in accuracy. The most pure out of an entire set of given conjectures.
"Our master plane to rule the universe cannot be more shafik...Muahahahhahahahah" ~Evil Aliens

"Shakira's new single has such shafikosity to it; it is obviously her best work."

"The sole reason for the existance of our civlized society is in large part due to the foresight our forefathers had in accepting that democracy, freedom and equality for all men and women are the most shafik qualities of a benevolent government."

"After years of meditation and self-reflection, I have finally achieved the state of shafikness."
by Shafik September 20, 2005
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