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The level of intoxication at which a person has lost virtually all coordination (and/or dignity). Begins to occur about 5 drinks after crunk. Broken glass, public napping, and embarrassing facebook photos typically result.
"Will you judge me if I get completely shaffstalled tonight? It's been a really long week."

"Ughh, where am I? And why is my foot bleeding? I must have been so shaffstalled last night..."
by LP$ October 09, 2009
The state of drunken stupor in which a person becomes little more than a blundering menace to society.
"I wish I could still look my peers in the eye, but after getting shaffstalled and leaving a wake of destruction everywhere I went last night, I don't think I'll be able to for a while."
by mayab October 10, 2009
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