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1.) An obviously insecure person who CONSTANTLY imitates and copies other people (usually a friend) to the point of obsession. May be manifested in speech, style of dress, lifestyle, etc.

2.) A self-loathing person who is CONSTANTLY emulating someone that they hold in high regard, as if attempting to BECOME THEIR SHADOW, often prompting you to want to yell: "Get your own freaking life!!!"

**Word of Caution:
DO NOT try the above said screaming on a SHADOWSURFER. Although annoying, the SHADOWSURFER is obviously emotionally unstable and may be potentially dangerous. You never know if she has a million little pictures OF YOU cut up and pasted on her basement walls...better to be safe than sorry.
Tina: OMG Becky! Is that Cindy over there in that crowd of people? I almost didn't recognize her...

Becky: Well,... you know she's always been a SHADOWSURFER, what do you expect? Last month when she was hanging out with Meredith-Anne, she was all preppy with the cardigans, pennyloafers, pigtails, and she even had that fake retainer in her mouth. THIS MONTH, it's homegirl hoops, a Fendi bag and a bad attitude. She must be SHADOWSURFING someone else.....
by Chicki Tee December 04, 2010
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