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Ice cube sex position
When a girl puts ice cubs in her mouth while she is giving head

Guy1: "Damn bro I got shabinged last night"
Guy2: "1 or 2 ice cubes?"
Guy1: "2!"
Guy2: "Sweet!"
by Jeremy Shanley March 17, 2010
YES! or ALRIGHT! It is like a word for an accomplishment.
Shabing! I just won the game
by Davi to the D June 28, 2005
shabing is when a girl is on top of the guy && the guy is gettin the actual benefit. so the first word he says is SHABiNG!!!!

its a great word that people use when they are having a good time with someone... or something...

Can also be bad.. se example.
SHABiNG! i just won the lottery!!
SHABiNG!! i just got sprinkles on my ice cream!
by k. B00M. :D July 02, 2009
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