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one with dead sexy looks
That man was so shabbir, Jessica Simpson wanted to make love all night long to him.
by RAUL March 03, 2004

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funny as hell, an awesome friend, a great singer, known for making people smile when they are sad
Shabbir is my favorite person in the whole world, I love him.
by Heather March 04, 2004
one who REMEMBERS THE TITANS!!!!!!! and runs from small dogs and goes on power walks around rich streets with coolattas…… and sings POP SONGS!

Dude, you were totally shabbir-like when you sang "Escape"
by theMIk March 06, 2004
a BIG nose loser who looks like jaffar and cheats at everything to end up LOSING...LOSER......
OMG you just pulled a Shabbir at Taboo
by ST SQUAD August 04, 2006