A common nickname given to "special individuals" who work at Burger King, reciting "Ding! Fries are done!".
Aaaaw man!! Everytime I come to Burger King, I end up getting the shabbadoo!!
by J-Mac September 21, 2004
Top Definition
One of the first members of the Lockers dance group (started by Don Campbell in 1970.) Shabbadoo also was part of a hip hop dance show called "Breaking" before joining the Lockers
Look at Shabbadoo go!
by Cam Parsons May 10, 2005
Shabba-Doo, is a urban dance legend. He is a choreographer, actor, writer and director. Star of Breakin' & Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo, and Lambada. He was also a member, of the 70's legendary LA based dance troupe, The Lockers.
Shabba-Doo, starred in and choreographed Madonna's 1987, "Who's That Girl" tour.
by Lockergirl November 01, 2003
An expression used in confirmation and or excitement.
Hey, let's get drunk?... SHABBADOO!
by Mamie June 12, 2003
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