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One of the first members of the Lockers dance group (started by Don Campbell in 1970.) Shabbadoo also was part of a hip hop dance show called "Breaking" before joining the Lockers
Look at Shabbadoo go!
by Cam Parsons May 10, 2005
15 6
Shabba-Doo, is a urban dance legend. He is a choreographer, actor, writer and director. Star of Breakin' & Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo, and Lambada. He was also a member, of the 70's legendary LA based dance troupe, The Lockers.
Shabba-Doo, starred in and choreographed Madonna's 1987, "Who's That Girl" tour.
by Lockergirl November 01, 2003
11 9
An expression used in confirmation and or excitement.
Hey, let's get drunk?... SHABBADOO!
by Mamie June 12, 2003
9 14
A common nickname given to "special individuals" who work at Burger King, reciting "Ding! Fries are done!".
Aaaaw man!! Everytime I come to Burger King, I end up getting the shabbadoo!!
by J-Mac September 21, 2004
7 17