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Shabazo is a term often used in the Bancho (or Banchou) world. Bancho in its self refers to delinquents who cause trouble in the name of pride and honor.

If you're Shabai, or Shibui, you're really good, and respectable.
If you're a Shabazo... Err.. well, lets learn what a shabazo is in the eyes of a bancho.

A Shabazo is a coward, the total opposite of a shabai person.
A shabazo will often fight with a gang (avoiding 1on1), with a weapon, or will use cheap blows. These guys are all-round weak-assed fools and total cowards.
And you will NEVER find a Shabazo who will size up an opponent correctly. They often "jump" their opponent, other than a manly Smash Talk session.

You do NOT want to be a shabazo.
That guy is a total Shabazo!
You fight like a shabazo!
You're such a shabazo!
Later, Shabazo..
by Kogi B. Skul (Bancho expert) March 31, 2012
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