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Sguy is a shortened version of the phrase "this guy" and refers to huge tools, clowns, jokes, needledicks, etc.
Sguy is gonna bite air all fucking day!
by SGUY1 March 22, 2009
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1. Some guy

A nobody.

Originated from Ken Griffey, Jr. Baseball for Super Nintendo. Making a team from scratch can often be a tedious and arduos task. Trying to come up with names to fill your entire roster is boring and stupid. So, to speed up the process, players like "Some Guy" tend to make the team. Since we are talking 16-bit, the game cuts off the first name and replaces it with the first letter. Hence, S. Guy.

2. A male who acts out of place.

Sometimes shortened to "an s"
1. Who the hell is going to be playing in the NHL in 2005... S. Guy?

2. Stop being an s.
by Dudamous November 08, 2004

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