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A thug gaming group which rapes everyone In there path.Its also 4-0 in wars and plays multiple games on different consoles.SgK stands for Sinister Gaming Krew aka Super Gucci Krew.WE BE SWERVIN DEM HOES.
by Fatbitch69 May 31, 2013
A graffiti krew originating from Australia. Stands for 'Societys Greatezt Kaos'.. IAC had recently united with the SGK CReW

Includes WRiTERS such !SeGS, VonFoxx, NyPPs etc...

graffiti tagger tagging graff krew tagbangers throwup
yo Man look at that, thats the SGK KReW right there man..!!!!!
by graff king March 29, 2009
Scandalous Gypsy Kats.

motto:"Follow your heart"
Those Beautiful SGK, Pixel & banna are so wonderful!
by PixelBaby December 14, 2009

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