time used to make ones self "sexy" or "sexier", i.e., working out
I went to the gym earlier for some sexytime.
by Rob Picardo March 13, 2010
Sexy Time is a time when a man has intercourse with a woman while making premiscuous sounds in a borat like accent.
Me and my friend bj do sexy time all the time.
by Trigonomotry February 20, 2007
slang used instead of sex, usually by nerds or people who are to embarresed to say sex out loud infront of people.
Kyrstin: If you could ask me any one question and i awnsered 100% truthfully what would it be?

Billy: Will you have Sexy Time with me?

Kyrstin: No you pervert! What are you thinking u stank ass fag!!?
by KyrstinAnnette November 18, 2006
The word more commonly used at school when something is seen as dirty or ourageous. Can create confusion with the female variety of people as you say sexy time when they bend over but in the end they will understand that its a male thing.
NB Has to be said in an
Average lesson about food.................
"I love fish!"
"I wanna put your fish in my tackle!"
"I wish!"
by Jackass Nom May 14, 2005
the middle-eastern way of saying porn
son you can't watch or do sexy time in this house or

you'll be cut off from the family
by AZDXDSWEG June 17, 2016
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