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Noun; A person (usually a girl) who is in track or cross country. Not necessarily very good at running, but definitely the people on the team that everybody wants to jog warm-ups and eat spaghetti with.

Could also be used as a title.
Example 1:

Person 1: Hey, you know the Sexy Running Beasts at JFK High School?

Person 2: Yeah, what about them?

Person 1: I don't know, I was just wondering if you knew them.

Person 2: Of course I do! You think I'm some kind of volleyball player or something?


Example 2:

Person 1: Hey, I'm going jogging with Sexy Running Beast Lauren on Friday.

Person 2: Seriously? Do you think that Sexy Running Beasts Lexi or Sydney will be there?

Person 1: I don't know... Sexy Running Beast Kimber might be there if she has a ride home.

Person 2: Sweet! You're so lucky!
by Zovantes January 05, 2010
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