A sexual act in which a person puts a fish in a womens vagina then has to "fish" it out.
Lets play some sexy fish tonight!
by Gurgle_Man July 13, 2009
Your best friend or new friend.
"Beth, you are my sexy fish." - Best Friend
"Leroy, I can't believe you are such a sexy fish!" - New Friend
by Nick Z October 25, 2005
when someone is just to sexy
" im going out tonight and im going to find myself a sexy fish"

"my boyfriend/girlfriend is one hell of a sexy fish"
by hantine xx March 08, 2010
Someone who is really random, but has very full lips and is totally amazing. Someone who everybody loves, and has a great body.
Boy: What a SEXY FISH!!!
Girl: ew, perv!
by sexyfish January 19, 2010
guys you don't know but you notice because there


usually found at

wesley : )
wow! look at that school of sexy fish over there!
by stchics September 07, 2009
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