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1. (n.) Commonly mistaken for a "slut" or a "whore" by dumb prudes who need the jaws of life to get the stick out of their ass and don't know how to have any fun. Someone who drops sex toys out of bomber planes onto unhappy couples who don't have enough satisfaction but stay together anyway.
2. (n.) Someone who drops a "sex bomb" in public places, bringing joy to all the world.
I just can't get enough of these "sex bombs"'s just like pleasure 24/7!! Thank you Sexual Terrorist!!!
by S-T June 11, 2010
One who terrorizes their soul mates vagina in various was for extended lengths of time.
Bay is such a sexual terrorist.... One orgasm is never enough!
by EuphoricSoul May 22, 2016
That guy they don't like having around because they're secretly worried he's going to fuck someone.
Ryan Gosling is a sexual terrorist! I wouldn't want him around my girl.
by Louis Wain April 13, 2016
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