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Someone who doesnt participate during sex. they just lay there and make the other person do all the work.
girl1:"my boyfriend is such a sexual potato! i have truly learned how to ride!!"

girl2:"ha! sucks for you!"
by sexualninjaofLH March 23, 2007
Definition 1 : A potato used as a "play toy" by a randy male.

Definition 2 : A expression used to describe someone really hot. or something dirrrrty you did.
Example 1 :

man takes large potato.
man microwaves large potato for 10mins full heat.
man sticks his dick in potato
man's dick burns off because any idiot knows a potato reaches 110degrees.
man is now a unic.

Example 2 :

"did you get with that guy last night?"
"yeah hes such a sexual potato!"

"what ya get up to?"
"a whole load of sexual potatoes!"
by sazmoola November 29, 2011
Randon statment shouted/written to express...randomnes....

basically something just jammed into conversations to fill in the gaps
Person Alpha: And so that pretty much means that she is ugly
Person Alpha: WTF?
by Hobbert July 04, 2006
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