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A person who just lies there and makes the other person do everything in bed.
"Jesus, Cindy, will you do something instead of being such a sexual pancake?"
"Well, Steve, maybe if you just FUCKING listened when I said that I wanted to talk about us then we both wouldn't be here in this awkward situation now would we?"
"That's it, you crazy bitch! I want a divorce!"
"Fuck you do your own damn laundry!"
"No! Fuck you!"
"I would if you would LOVE me!"
by Esmeralda33040 April 09, 2008
A bisexual (Flip/Flop)
"Damn, did you know Mary was a sexual pancake?"
"Yeah that doesn't really surprise me after last night with the two strippers, the tequila and the jar of baby food..."
"I know, right? I could go for some Mrs. Buttersworth right now..."
by Esmeralda33040 April 09, 2008