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1. A man who is married and therefore denied of sex for long periods of time.

2. A male who has the ability to go long periods of time without sex due to being deprived of sex---usually as a result of being deprived of sex by a spouse.
Guy 1: You have been divorced for six months! You need to get laid!

Guy 2: Yeah, but I was married for 15 years! I am a sexual camel! I can cross this sexual desert.
by Pigue December 28, 2010
A person who, upon having sex once, can go a long time before needing it again. From "Seinfeld."
(Referring to how long before George could have sex again)

Jerry: Well, so what? you've gone six weeks before.

George: I can do six weeks standin' on my head. I'm a sexual camel.
by Andy Baker November 14, 2003