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The act of receiving a sext, and not having anything sexy or freaky to say back. Alot like writer's block. But worse. Not only does it make the sextee feel awkward because they have nothing to say, it makes the sexter feel awkward also because you get that thought in your mind that maybe you were a little too freaky. Also makes the next face-to-face contact awkward as well. It is very difficult to admit you suffer from sexter's block.
Example 1:
Sexter: "Mmm you like that don't you? Next I'm gonna....."
Sextee: Oh yeah, she's a freak. What to say, "Yeah baby, I like that" No, sounds gay already. Damn sexter's block.

Next Day:
Sexter: "About last night, sorry. I got a little freaky."
Sextee: "Uh no, it's okay. I just uh fell asleep."
Sexter: "Ohh"

Example 2:
Sexter to friend: And then he said his dick likes being hard.

Friend: Poor guy, probably was suffering from sexter's block.
by Sext Master June 18, 2011
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