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When viewing or performing acts of the best intercourse that one has ever possibly had which results in a type of nuclear explosion between the legs of either gender or both.
Man, last night i had at least 10 sexplosions each time Shanehi got on top of me and rode me while screaming for more.

by Sex Lord August 03, 2007
The climactic end to a sexual encounter. In the case of female Homo Sapiens, multiple may be expected.
So I made the beast with two back last night, and it ended with a giant sexplosion.
by Goose September 29, 2003
When an atomic bomb literally goes off during sex. Often followed by moaning and screaming, then radiation sickness.
Luke: "After a bloody night of mutual anal fisting I thought for shizzle I was gonna sexplode."

Sam: "Well, I'm game!"

Luke: sloshh sloshhh push

Sam: "AWWWWWWWWWWW KAboom..." (end of world due to sexplosion)
by 9000 Penises March 20, 2009
The skittles sold in the purple bag that come in a variety of delicious tropical flavours.

They are widely known as Sexplosions because the designers of the bag put a large image of a skittle emblished with a huge "S" directly to the left of the word "Explosions" So when one originally views the text, they read "S-explosions."
"I'm gonna go get some Sexplosions out of the vending machine!"

"Hey bud, mind sharing some of your delicious Sexplosions with me?"

see also skittles candy
by chickaboomboompow June 12, 2009
A large explosion involving in the launching of many nude people
"Man, did you see that sexplosion? I swear I saw some old ladies jubblies...GROSS"
by Poru August 07, 2005