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Shorter Word for "Sexy Lankan", it was created by a Vinthu from Toronto in 2008. Their aren't many "sexkans" around and most "sexkans" end up being mixed, nonetheless their are still a few sexkans.
Sexkan can be applied to those who are pretty, hot and/or sexy, that come from some kind of Sri Lankan origin.
Josh: Wow your pretty hot for a lankan :O
Sexy Sri lankan girl: awww why thanks, but what do you mean im pretty hot for a lankan?
Josh: Im being honest, most lankans aren't hot :P but your pretty hot for one
Sexy Sri lankan girl: ohhh, awhh well thanks <3
Josh: np's I should call you sexkan
Sexy Sri lankan girl: a what?
Josh: a Sexkan, a sexy lankan :P
Sexy Sri lankan girl: aha awhhhh thanks :$
by Vinthulann February 18, 2011
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