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A stalemate between you and your significant other when you both want to have sex, but neither wants to do all the work.
My husband and I wanted to have sex last night, but we were both too tired. It was a serious Sexican Standoff.
by Amarillo Bird August 24, 2013
When two people are withholding sex from each other for different reasons.
Person 1: "I didn't want him to tease me, so he wouldn't let me tease him."
Person 2: "Oh, so you were in a Sexican standoff?"
by mygoodiessss November 29, 2011
When two people want to bone each other but are both too socially inept to make the first move.
The sexual tension in the room had surpassed atmospheric pressure and was making everyone uncomfortable. There was no hope of relief, however, for this was the world's longest Sexican standoff.
by CoossCooss December 14, 2014
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