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A mix between "sexy" and "mythical".
Damon Salvatore is soooooo sexical.
by SterlingxMoonxPrincess January 07, 2011
when two (or more) people move suddenly or randomly from normal activity around the home, to, breaking into sexual activity for no particular reason!
As with a musical, where two people move from normal activity and then break into song and dance, a "sexical" is when two (or more) people move from normal activity and then randomly break into sexual activity! One minute your folding laundry, the next minute you're both on the couch, or kitchen, or wherever...
by MRnDM November 20, 2010
Of a sexual nature
Let's get sexical

Look at her staring at me with that sexical gaze...
by Krista Kristilia Blunt Lunt July 10, 2008
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