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Also known as erotica. They are stories of sexual memories.
It was a quant Spring morning in Richmond, Virginia in 1998 when I lost my virginity to a girl named Hannah. At the time, we were merely kids. I was 15 and she was 14. At the time, we had known eachother for about two or three years. We even dated for eight months during the sixth grade. But during those eight months we never made love. Now every once in a while she would let me touch her, but no sex of any kind And she had the most amazing body in the whole school. And by Spring Break of '98 we were in the eighth grade and she had the most amazing body in the entire class. Smooth curves. G sized breasts. Long, brown hair with brown eyes. She was what made all the guys drop their tongues to the floor and run to the end of their chains and start barkin' like the horny dogs they were. Including me. I, too, long desired to ravish her body like an animal. But I didn't want to violate her by just asking her like a dick. And I thought she'd never sleep with me because she only saw me as a 'friend'.
So during that Spring Break I woke up one morning, and walked into the kitchen to sneek some coffee into my bedroom because my dad never wanted me to drink it, thinking I was too young. But as I reached up in the cabinet to grab a mug, the phone rang. Naturally, I answered it since I was the one closest to it and my dad was sitting in the living room watching the weather reports as he usually did.
"Hello?" I asked the person on the other line.
"Hey, there." it was Hannah. She spoke in an unusually sly voice. "Hey, my parents just bought me a VCR and rented an ass-load of movies for me to watch while they're vacationing to Mexico for a couple of weeks to celebrate their 19th wedding annaversary. And I was wondering if you wanted to spend the night and watch a few with me?" she explained.
"...What?..." I was a bit confused. Why would she want me to spend the night, I thought.
"I just thought it would be... fun."
"Uh, yeah. I guess it does sound fun, 'cause I got nothing going on today. Hold on, let me ask my dad."
I sat the phone down on the kitchen counter and walked into the living room to find my dad staring blankly at the tv. "Hey, Dad? Is it alright if I spend the night over at a friend's house?" I asked him.
His face slowly turned to me. "The fuck?! You're a man for Christ's sake! Men don't have slumber parties!"
"Dad, it's not what you think, it's over at Hann-"
"Fine! Just go ya queer!" he interrupted. There really was no point in explaining things to my father. He was just a narrow minded person.
So I walked back into the kitchen and picked up the phone, "Yeah, my dad doesn't have a problem with it at all."
"Alright, great! Well get over here pronto!"
"But it's morning?" I was getting a bit confussed because A) she never asked me to come over for a sleep-over. And B) something in her voice didn't sound normal, she seemed like she was sorta flirty, but I didn't believe it. So I just shrugged it off.
"So? We'll still have some fun." she giggled.
"Fine. Be there in an hour." I sighed and hung up.
I went into the bathroom to "shit, shower, and shampoo" as my dad always put it. I then packed the bookbag I used for school, and walked out the door.
Hannah and I both lived way out West of the outskirts of Richmond. And we lived about a mile away from eachother, so I just rode my old bike to her place. And it took only twenty minutes to get there.
Her home was rather large and elegant (her father owned a hospital in Petersburg and could afford the American Dream for him and his family) and was located in the boonies with only the common rolling hills of Virginia that surrounded her freakishly huge house. Upon my arrival, I found her sitting out on her front porch, resting her head on her hand and crossing her legs and smiling at me in a way that she never had before, not even when we were going out. It was a very warm but very seductive smile. But what dealt stood out was that she was wearing a black bikini. I was on the verge of getting a hard-on.
I glided my bike onto her front yard and just let it drop to the ground when I got off, like what most guys just do.
Without saying a word, Hannah got up and walked over to me and hugged me. But she did it in an intimate fashion. Her hands crept across my hips and slowly up my back, and gradually pressed her large breasts against my chest. That's when I felt my dick getting harder by the second. I was beginning to get a little suspicious, but kept putting it off.
And in her sly tone she said, "Hey, you!"
"Uh... hey." I replied. She held on for another ten, long, and akward seconds. And my dick just kept getting harder and my heart was pounding and racing. It may have been akward, but it was still hot as hell.
"Come on inside... I have something to show you." she spoke softly. She led me in her house. It was a bit dark inside with a few boxes full of videos and the new VCR benieth the tv. She continued leading the way. I began to smell the scent of a fresh paint job and brand new drywall along with other scents that signaled previous construction. Finally she spoke in a normal tone, "So my dad put in an extention to the house, so he could have this..." she opened the door and flipped on the light inside the new room. It was her father's personal indoor swimming pool as I later found out that Hannah had stolen the key to the pool.
She looked over her shoulder at me with her seductive smile once again.
"So you brought me here just so we can swim all day? I got out at ten o'clock in the morning to swim? Are you fucking me?" I bitched.
She turned her head back aroun and faced the ground and she whispered something. It took me a while to realize that what she just whispered was, "Not yet...". But I thought she was just joking, but it never left my mind. She began walking along the edge of the pool, and I watch her beautiful hips and ass sway with the rhythm of her footsteps. It made my heart sink. So I naturally followed her, as if I were under her spell, and I could not help myself but to be near her. She stopped and faced the pool, then looked back over her shoulder at me and leaned toward the pool and fell in.
"Uh, since you didn't tell me anything about swimming, I didn't bring my trunks."
Hannah responded quietly, "It's okay. See that switch over there? Turn it off." she was speaking of the light switch. And without any slight thought of disobedience I did what she told me to do.
The room was pitch black. "Great. I can't see." I began inching my way toward the pool when I heard Hannah fling something wet in front of me. I bent down to where I heard it land and felt it to find out what it was. It was the top piece of her bikini. And shortly thereafter, her bottom piece followed. It was now becoming clear to me that this could be the day I had long waited for.
In response, I began to strip naked as well. I slowly walked toward until I felt the edge of the pool. Instead of diving in, I just "slipped" in because I couldn't see where Hannah was and I didn't want to ruin my long desired wish by diving ON her.
I heard her swim toward my direction, then I felt her hands on my waist. We stopped and floated there. It was then that it was inevitable that her and I were going to take eachother's virginity.
My head moved in closer to hers until my nose touched her face, then I began to passionately kiss her. Her body pressed against mine and I could feel her nipples on my chest. And her legs wrapped themselves around my waist. I needed her. I had so much energy bottled up inside me for the past two years, and it needed to be released inside of her.
We quickly began to French kiss, my tongue eating away inside her mouth. And I became bigger than ever. The head of my dick stroked her cunt to let her know that I would shortly penetrate.
Hannah stopped kissing me and whispered, "No. Not just yet. Let's do a little more foreplay before we fuck." and we continued Frenching. I couldn't wait any longer. But I knew foreplay was better than nothing.
So my hands went lower into the water until they reached her perfect ass. They opened her cheeks and my two index fingers gently stroked her hole. That's when her breathing became uneven.
She leaned back into my right arm. This meant that she wanted me to move my left hand around and pleasure her pussy. And this I did. We stopped kissing and my left hand swept to her vagina and I immediately felt a slimy lining of cum around her groin. My index and middle finger proceeded and dug in her. Her legs began to squirm and her hip moved up and down as she moaned. We did this for five minutes before I moved on to her breasts.
I lifted her up, pressed her against the side of the pool with my front against her back. I massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples. She was then gasping and moaning.

After five minutes, she told me she was ready. I turned her body around and leveled my shaft, and steadily made my first thrust into her. It was magic. I never felt something so intese for a girl as I did that moment. She sounded a loud inhale. "Are you alright?" I asked.
"Never been better." I heard her breathe. I gave her another kiss on the lips and continued pumping her.
When we were seven minutes into it, she started gasping my name, "Jason! Jason! Oh, Jason! Harder! Harder! Faster! Faster, please!" we were both about to cum, but I remembered that I wasn't wearing protection.

So I pulled out of her warm, pulsing vagina and turned her around again, and pulled her up so that she was bending over the edge. I raised myself on top of her with both our legs still in the water. I then whispered into her ear, "This may hurt a bit. But I love you so much that I'm going to start off slowly."
"I love you, too." she whispered back over her shoulder. Her body began to shiver, and I knew she knew what I was about to do. So I lifted my right hand out of the water and held hers.
"Are you ready, baby girl?" I asked.
"I trust you, so yes... I am."
Her muscles relaxed, but she still shivered. I then took my rod and very slowly slid it in her asshole. When my head penetrated, she gave off a sharp and intense gasp, and she squeezed my hand very tightly. I slowly pushed it all the way in her. "Baby, I think it's too big!"
"Shh... just relax. I know it hurts, but it will get better. I promise." I assured her.

"Okay..." Hannah replied.
I pulled back slowly and pushed back in. I started off slow and as soon as I heard her moaning and gasping again I thrusted faster and harder.

It wasn't long before she began her orgasm. She was screaming with intense pleasure. And our legs were splashing in the water. I used me left hand to finger her pussy to add to her ecstacy. "OH, GOD!!! YES!!! JASON!!! JASON!!! UGH!!! FUCK ME!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
OH MY!!! YES!!! UGH MY ASS!!!" her screams echoed off the walls of the pool room. And with the last few thrusts, I shot about eight shots of cum deep in her rectum. Neither of us could move. I remained in her because I was too weak.

After ten minutes we kissed softly with what energy we did have. The area smelled intoxicating. The musk was thick with all sorts of unearthly scents. It was the smell of love.
We rested for thirty minutes on the side of the pool I silence. Then we both got up and tried to find our way through the darkness. I stumbled a few times as I held Hannah's hand, which made her laugh. We eventually found the light switch and I flipped it on.
I looked at Hannah and she couldn't look more beautiful as she was completely naked. Her bare breasts were soft, perky, and perfect. And she was soaking wet from her waist to her knees.
She walked closer to me and we both sat up against the wall, and just kissed and cuddled. After that, we were both ready to go at it again, so we left our clothes in the pool to and rushed up to her room and we made love all day, all night, and all morning the next day before I left for home.
To this day, eleven years later, I never found out what got into her that day. But whatever it was, it blessed us to fall in love, and eventually we married. Well that's my sex story. Now if you'll excuse me... our kids want me to take them to the park.
by JasonMcJayJay July 23, 2009
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a story about sex
this sex story will make you horny just read it you'll see
It was a dark night when there was a knock at my door. I was surprised to see a boyish looking girl. She asked to come in all I could say was sure. She sat on my couch and unzipped her jacket and I saw the side of her huge breast. I tried not to be obvious that I was looking but it was hard to look away. I knew she was doing it on purpose when she went to the bathroom with a seductive look and closed the door. I watched through the keyhole as she undressed and sat with her legs open to finger her pulsing wet pussy. I was so hard I could NOT hold it in I sat on the couch with my giant hard cock out rubbing it. The girl came out of the bathroom and saw what I was doing. She striped down and jumped on riding me so good my cock began to pulse and so did her tight wet pussy. She fucked me so slow it was like she was leading me on then I could not take it I humped as deep and hard as I could she couldn't make any sound as I fucked her. I was just about to cum when she pulled me out and took my cock and pushed it deep in her mouth. She sucked and sucked then when I cam licked all my cum up. two years later I'm his wife this is all his perspective.
by horny girl 167 January 17, 2015
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A story about sex
Sex story

Last year, this girl who was the hottest junior in east high school at the time had a HUGE crush on me when she and her boyfriend broke up I asked her out I had a crush on her at the time, and when I asked her she said sure so we dated a good 3 months.One day when her parents weren't home she invited me to dinner, although I didn't know her parents were gone. I got there and she was sitting at the table alone in just a thong and a plate full of condoms.I saw that ad my dick became a mile long and hard as a rock, and she said the thing I've been waiting for all my life to. Fuck, all he said was Fuck. She ripped my pants down and gave me a hand job, she then proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my life.I then ripped her thong off and ate her out. She moaned in pleasure and we both knew what had to happen, I took my fil and rubbed her clit ready to penetrate, she said get the condoms. We put them on and waited for the other to make a move, so I grabbed her by the waist an shoved my dick in and out of her after no more then 2 mins she started to scream OOOHH YESYES OH FASTER FASTER
HARDER PLEASE, then pulled out and began to play with her perfect ass with my right hand and played with her giant boobs with my left hand, I said you ready? And she replied as I'll ever be. I then penetrated her with my dick a second time, in seconds she cummed everywhere and so did I. It was awesome, I then proceeded to her ass. She then started screaming. Then I pulled out and left
by Thegodofsex January 04, 2014
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a story about sex
this is a sex story

Andre was the hottest guy in college. I was lucky because i was his roommate. when i came home he asked me, "why did you get here so late?" i told him, "i can't tell you its too embarrassing."

"just tell me im gonna figure it out someday"
"fine, i got a wax"
"for who? it has to be for someone"
"im not telling you"
"Can i at least see it?" he said.
"no," i walked away to take a shower.

in the shower i heard a squeaking at the door. Andre walked in naked. "you look nice," he said. "go away!" i told him. felling my C boobs giggle. i saw his dick getting harder. he walked inside the shower. i knew i wanted him so i let him stay.

he started touching where i got a shaved and slowly massaged my vagina. i moaned. he did it harder and harder. then he licked me and kissed me. i felt like i was going to have an orgasm. when i did i knew i had to repay him.

i bent down and began giving him a handjob. when he got harder i started sucking him. he moaned in excitement. first i licked the head then i sucked his 9" dick. after i swallowed him whole he cummed in my mouth. i drank it all it didnt taste bad anyways. i was surprised i didn't gag at all. i wanted him more now.

"get inside me!" i screamed.

he rubbed me with his big dick and inserted himself in. he did it faster and faster, deeper and deeper. "HARDER, ANDRE, HARDER!" i yelled. i let go of my cum and his came also. i felt our juices mix together.
by bitch you cant see January 03, 2013
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A story that is erotic and makes one horny.
This is a Sex Story:
Brian invited Ellie over to his house, so she went over to Brian's house. Ellie had a crush on Brian so feeling very naughty she wore booty shorts and a button down top. and no underwear. Ellie rang the door bell and Brian answered right away and invited Ellie up to his room. He sat on the bed so she followed, and sat down. He scooted closer to her so there face were right next to eachother. He said "Have I ever told you how gorgeus you are" she immediatley kissed him. They started kissing and it got very "passionate". He started unbuttoning her shirt and rubbing her boobs, while she was slipping her hand into his pants giving him a handjob. They began kissing so passionatley he fell backwards and she was now on top of him. She ripped off his shirt super fast as he took off her shorts. Ellie was now fully naked and Brian was in his boxers she ripped those off too. They both started cuming and he was going in and out of her vagina with his penis. But Ellie felt like she needed more, Brian knew what this met. He flipped her over so she was now lying down on the bed. He separated her legs and started rubbing her clit. Within two minutes Elliie was having a orgasam. "OH OH OH BRIAN FASTER, SWITCH DIRECTIONS! THIS FEELS AMAZING DONT STOP....OH OH OH UGHHHH OH OH! YES THIS IS AMAZING PLEASE DONT STOP EVER! IM CUMMING DONT STOP" He started licking her clit making her give it up to him. She was now willing to have every sex possible...which they did.
by SexyBitchwholikesmyclit June 06, 2010
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a sex story is awesome and it makes you horny :)
Clarissa was the hottest security guard there was at the airport security station. As she watched bags full of clothes and underwear pass through her security camera, she felt her pussy get wet when she saw in a suitcase a box of condoms. Eying the cock on the man, she determined it should be pretty big. Stepping off of her chair, she asked pulled him aside and brought him into the bathroom. "What are you doing?" he asked.
"Oh, nothing much," she nonchalantly asked, pulling a condom out of her pocket.
"Um..." he replied. Slowly, a bulge appeared in his pants.
Stripping off his pants in one fell swoop, she handed him the condom and took off her shirt and slacks. Underneath was a small black triangle representing her thong and two ginormous breasts.
She nodded.
He took off his shirt and put on the condom. He humped her until she groaned with delight and he cummed many times inside her. Using all of his might he grabbed her nipples and stroked them while he thrusted his penis inside her small vagina.
That is a sex story.
by hornyjake123 August 12, 2011
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A story of sex to make you horny so you can make your own
Jeanne was the best looking girl on campus. Every guy wanted her. I was lucky enough to get that wish. She was my roommate but she was WAY out of my league...or so i thought. After i got back from classes i took a shower. I heard the door open and close and heard Jeanne say You in there matt? I yelled back yea. she said in a slighty sexy voice ok be out of there in 3 minutes. I just thought i had imagined the voice but when i got out and got into my clothes and opened the door she was on the bed naked except for a br and panties. She said Matt help me get this bra of please. Hey if the near nakedness wasnt enough you could not mistake the sexy tone. Okay i said acting cool but you could see my hard dick a mile away. I undid the strap while taking of my shirt. She turned round and said oh you can play with them to. He then started undoing my pants and ripped them off boxers and all. She started giving me a blow job. I just couldnt wait and pulled of the panties. She said hey get the condoms first. I reached in the bed side table with one hand and played with her boobs with the other. I rolled it on. I then shoved my dick
into her pussy as fast as i could. She screamed with ecstacy as i hit her g spot. She orgasmed three times then told me to pull out. We went into the 69 position. My whole senior year we did this then we got married. We still have great sex today. This is my sex story
by 00440033 February 01, 2012
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