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A room in your home you dedicate to making sex with any girl you bring over an easy process. The sex nest consists of a double bed - a good sex nest will have no other seats in the room, as this makes the bed the guest's only choice to get comfy, thus making you already halfway there, a TV with a good collection of scary movies (for the obvious she'll-be-scared-and-want-you-to-get-close reason, romantic movies are an immense no if you don't want awkward thoughts of relationships to be evoked), and a bedside drawer full of condoms. Some form of air freshener is also ideal, for a pleasant atmosphere and to rid of the smell that occurs after sex.
"Duuude! Nice sex nest."
"You know man, this setup has got me laid five times so far this week. I made basically no effort each time either."
by canneverthinkofaname April 17, 2010
The condition of matted hair on or around the back of a woman's head, resulting from prolonged love making in the missionary position.
Did you see the size of Jenny's sex nest? She must have gotten it good last night.
by ColumbiaDesignGuy May 20, 2014
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