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1. To have sex early in the morning, an activity usually coupled with 'breakfast in bed'.

2. To masturbate onto a piece of toast and subsequently consume it.
Sex on toast anyone?
by Longlong December 12, 2007
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Adj: Posessing the quality of extreme goodness - i.e.; highly delicious, " attractive, " awesome...

Fig. 1: "Dude, this lasagne is beyond sex on toast."

Fig. 2: "Oh, my God. Your couch is SO sex on toast."

Fig. 3: "Did you see the booty on that bitch? Sex on toast, man. Sex On Toast."
by Bolognaise July 18, 2008
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When translated into Finnish it will become Ville Valo the extreemely SEXY lead singer of HIM
HoLy SHiT! Ville Valo is "Sex on Toast"
by BLaCKTeaRS664 July 31, 2006
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