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A BMW 7 series coupe
Pimp Squad Click, ya bitch, please believe we
Bust four-fifths like them niggas on tv.
Niggas talk breezy but they don't wanna see me
hoppin out, squeeze three, then there go GP!
Try to Muscle me, nigga, please who the hell are you?
Shut yo fuckin' mouth and stop that bleeding's what you better do.
Professionals, are ya? Part of this will be a lesson too,
but they keep poppin off at the mouth and I can't wrestle you.
Go hop back in the seven deuce, the color of tomato juice
niggas let loose, hope them pussy niggas bullet proof.
Don't get a nigga misconstrued 'cause I'm in a suit,
cause if ya see me pull the two's, cause I'm feelin' "shoot".
I got loot and it control the globe,
what is ya stupid or somn, u s'possed to know.
I'll hit u with the 'fo 'til ya torso explode.
Bitch you ain't comin' back to life like Soul II Soul
by jsquiz December 02, 2009
Slang for the number 72.

It is meant to mean a 1972 model car carrying people about to pull off a drive by shooting]. It is spoken by 2pac] on his posthumous album Resurrection - Ghost, the lyrics were written before his death.
"A seven-deuce full of niggas goes by
Thought I was trippin' the second time they rolled, by
Recognized the plates, the faces looked familiar
Everybody swear they know the nigga that's gonna, kill ya"
by WGF_Crafty November 24, 2013
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