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He was a young man from South Korea who moved to America during childhood, and, in his early twenties, shot 32 people and himself at Virginia Tech. He is considered the perpetrator of the worst school shooting in American history. Before his shooting rampage, he had been described as a loner, and had also received mental health treatment because of his suicidal tendencies.
Seung-Hui Cho wrote violent plays that disturbed his professors and classmates.
by anonymous40 April 29, 2007
The killer that made one of the worst shootings in amaricen History.
He killed 32 pupils including teachers and 19 ingurys also sacroficing his own life at Virgina Tech college.
In May 11 a good flash maker made the game V-TECH RAMPAGE with it own music caled ke ke ke which normaley means a way of lauhter in a Asian saying.
,Did you see Seung-Hui cho with that hat on´
by bloodzero May 15, 2007
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