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Name of someone is an expert at portuguese Mudslides, and is proficient in the art of frotting
Hey, I love the way that you splatter my face with shit, you're such a Setch
by miggimoo July 17, 2008
Person who is proficient at Portuguese Mudslides, and also excels in the art of frotting
Oh my, the way you have speckled my face with runny poo is so great, you're such a Setch
by miggimoo July 22, 2008
Noun: snow when its consistency is halfway between that of slush and its freshly fallen, soft state.
Is the snow powdery? No, it's turned to setch.
by SirHarry February 10, 2012
sexy bitch, or hot as hell
nicks mom with her sexy voice
by Doug April 20, 2005
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